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    Nils Oud @ Agile Amsterdam 2017 Conference

    Agile Leader. Agilist.

    From within my passion for Lean and Agility practices, I commit myself in nourishing and cultivating the Agile mindset. The email address of Nils is noud@incrementor.com.

    Jochen Krebs @ Agile Amsterdam 2017 Conference

    Joe Krebs

    Owner of Incrementor. Agilist. Speaker. Coach.

    Joe is a proud sponsor of Agile NYC. After 10 years of success in NYC, Joe decided to expand his global business to Amsterdam. To Europe. His roots. Go to Incrementor.com to learn all about Agile Transformation. Joe's email address is jkrebs@incrementor.com.

    Jochen Krebs @ Agile Amsterdam 2017 Conference

    One Team

    Incrementor International

    Incrementor has successfully specialized in Agile Transformations for the past 10 years. With head offices in New York and Amsterdam, Incrementor is able to serve clients globally.

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    Agile Amsterdam nourishes and cultivates the agile mindset


    It's not just about Scrum; it is about the Agile mindset. Collaboration, Respect, Improvement, Pride in ownership, Learning Cycles, Focus on Delivering Value, Innovation and the ability to Adapt to Change.

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