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    Use Case (at Creamfinance in Austria)

    Typically, we follow a ‘story telling’ agile transformation approach that consists of the following steps​

    1. Story Inspiration: To perform an assessment of the current state and exploring the agile transformation ambition of the company. 
    2. Story Making: Based upon the assessment and ambitions, we build a story with the staff involved. For example, we might organize a so-called “inspiration day” with appropriate speakers and an Open Space. In other situations, it is also more prudent to deliver a tailor-made 1-day workshop. 
    3. Story Telling: As per the need of the company, perform targeted training and coaching. Start small, proof success, spread the joy. 
    4. Story Spreading: A further roll-out of the agile transformation. Differs per company. Also we need to make sure that the story sustains; regular follow-up programs are recommended.
    At Creamfinance we started with a 5-day assessment (which included interactive workshops to assess, but also to inspire the staff). We decided to build the story with an interactive 2-day Scrum and Agile Mindset training. Subsequently we provided regular support with an alternating experienced Agile coach, Scrum Master and Product Owner; all dependent on the situation. We are now planning for spreading the story by regular follow-ups.

    Agile Transformation

    Want to know more about the power of Story Telling? Or the OAP program?

    Complex eco-systems, such as organizations, are often aiming to increase agility as a whole. Depending on their size, maturity or market, their starting point and key focus area might differ. Learn more about the power of Story Telling and programs such as OAP (ORGANIZATIONAL AGILITY PROGRAM). For more information, visit the Agile Transformation Services web page of Incrementor.com.

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    We truly enjoy the ride to create an event of the highest value and quality. If you couple that with our enormous global network, we are able to attract about any company and any thought leader out there. The power of Agile Amsterdam is that we assist with setting your goals and then selecting the right speakers and bringing it all together in a compelling story. It is a great way to re-boost the agile mindset in your company!

    Coaching & Staffing

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    Coaching services are situational, based on your team or organizational needs. Utilizing our years of expertise in agile leadership, together we will define an action plan to promote a successful adoption of agile practices in your organization. Next to coaching services, we can provide scrum masters services and staffing as well as agile delivery management services and staffing.

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    We receive high ratings on our Trainings and Master Classes. We'll tailor make this for you. We are looking forward meeting you!

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