September 25-27

    Tobacco Theater

    An Agile Event with optional Master Classes


    When agile is believed to be in the DNA of your company, what else can you do?

    How can you protect, sustain and further grow your agile practice?


    Speakers: Dan Mezick, Jurriaan Kamer and more ...

    Company talks: Volkswagen, VodafoneZiggo and more...

  • Theme for 2019

    When agile is believed to be in the DNA of your company, what else can you do?

    How can you protect, sustain and further grow your agile practice?'

    Call for action!

    Companies are committed to become more agile. It allows them to respond more quickly to changing market conditions.


    But as the saying goes: getting at the top is easier than staying there. And it is even harder to push yourself beyond the top. The same applies for your agile transformation.


    In this event we are going to explore how to protect, sustain and further grow your agile practice. What can we do? What our threats?

    Who should attend?

    We're aiming for a heady mix of business leaders and Agilists.


    The event starts with talks, followed by an Open Space in which the speakers participate (so that you can interact with them) and finishes with an optional Master Class.

    Why you should go

    • Better than any formal training. Get tomorrow's training from today's leading voices.
    • Connect with expert speakers in the field of Agility and Agile Organizations.
    • Learn from Agile companies such as Volkswagen.
    • Subsequent Master Classes. More enrichment and take-away's for your company.
    • Unique fun and interactive Warm-Up evening with Jurriaan Kamer.
    • Enjoy Amsterdam with it's canals, museums and rich nightlife.

    Feedback from the field

  • Call for Speakers & Workshop Facilitators

    We are most interest to learn about your offering!

  • Speaker and trainer profiles

    Stay tuned as we keep on adding speakers, companies and trainers

    Daniel Mezick

    Management consultant, author & keynote speaker

    THE CULTURE GAME (www.TheCultureGame.com) published in 2012.

    The OPENSPACE AGILITY HANDBOOK (www.OpenSpaceAgility.com) published in 2015.

    INVITING LEADERSHIP (www.InvitingLeadership.com) published in 2018. This book is a tutorial & ref guide for execs who must cope with the challenges of relentless change.

    Jurriaan Kamer

    Speaker | Organization designer | Change agent

    "The tension between organizations optimized for predictability and the unpredictable world they inhabit has reached a breaking point. Organizations built on ‘sense and respond’ instead of ‘plan and predict’ are the future."

    Arthur von Kriegenberg

    Agile Coach. Design Sprint Facilitator.

    I help teams to collaborate effectively to deliver impactful products - and to enjoy working on it together. This enables teams to achieve business goals better and faster.

    As a Design Sprint facilitator I helped more than twenty-five companies to solve complex problems in a week. Arthur offers a Master Class on Design Sprinting on the Friday, September 27.

  • Agenda

    Many tracks are offered. You can hop on and hop off after each Talk, Workshop or Open Space round. A massive opportunity to learn and expanding your network.

    September 25 (Wednesday)

    Warm-up Evening

    18:00 - 18:30 | Arrival invitees*

    18:30 - 18:35 | Official kick-off

    18:35 - 19:25 | Company Talk

    19:25 - 20:30 | Jurriaan Kamer

    20:30 - 21:30 | Drinks


    *Sandwiches served

    September 26 (Thursday)

    The Conference

    Opening and Key Note

    The Theater room

    09:00 - 09:15 | Official opening

    09:15 - 10:00 | Key note by Dan Mezick


    Then we offer a limited amount of speakers and a lot of workshops and other learning events.


    Open Space & Closing out

    The Theater room

    16:00 - 17:15 | Open Space & Closing Out



    September 27 (Friday)

    Master Classes

    09:30 - 10:00 | Arrival invitees

    10:00 - 14:00 | Master Class*

    14:00 - 15:00 | Drinks


    *Lunch included

  • Expand your learning by following one of our several Master Classes

    Stay tuned as we publish our Master Classes over the next months.

    Please note that you don't have to chose now; you can do that up to one week before the event.

    Option 1 | Design Sprinting

    by Arthur von Kriegenbergh

    Innovation doesn't have to be hard; Trust the process. A Design Sprint with Agile Arthur helps you to rapidly solve big challenges, create new, or improve existing products. Learn in this Master Class what you can achieve what usually could take months.

    Option 2 | Use the power of the Liberating Structures to sustain and further fuel your Agile Transformation

    By Jochen Krebs & Nils Oud

    Inspired by complexity science and developed by Henri Lipmanowicz and Keith McCandless, LS helps you address some of the most challenging aspects of working together while supporting human development.


    In this Master Class we explore the concept and intend of LS and how it can help you to sustain and grow Agility throughout your organization. We will learn how Liberating Structures foster more self-organization, ownership and accountability. You will walk away from this masterclass with a better understanding of addressing Agile challenges AND learning about the underlying techniques. It’s a two for one; theoretical and practical, but above all fun and hands-on.

  • Registration

    Tickets & Group Discounts


    Super Early Bird (15.04 - 31.05) | 495 Euro*


    Early Bird (01.06 - 31.07) | 575 Euro*


    Regular (01.08 - 25.09) | 655 Euro*


    *Includes the optional Sept 25 warm-up evening

    Conference & Master Class

    Super Early Bird (15.04 - 31.05) | 845 Euro*


    Early Bird (01.06 - 31.07) | 925 Euro*


    Regular (01.08 - 25.09) | 995 Euro*


    *Includes the optional Sept 25 warm-up evening

    Group Discount

    We provide group discount for groups of 4 and more. Additionally we provide discount to our regular Agile Munich community. Please contact us for details.

  • Training Bundel

    On Sep 24-25 we provide an affiliated training

    Professional Agile Leadership training (PAL-E)

    A 2-day Scrum.org PAL-E training. Includes certification.


    Bundle price: 1,000 Euro*

    (*when attending Agile Amsterdam 2019)


    Not bundled price: 1,200 Euro


    by Jochen (Joe) Krebs

    A 1-day level 1 (Associate-level) certificate in Inviting Leadership.


    Bundle price: 600 Euro*

    (*when attending Agile Amsterdam 2019)


    Not bundled price: 750 Euro


    by Daniel Mezick

  • Company Partnering

    Interested in becoming a partner? Please contact us for details

    We offer Gold, Silver and Bronze Partnerships

    Partnership may include:
    • Exhibit space with your own banner
    • Company logo on website and event App
    • Free tickets to Agile Amsterdam 2019
    • Discount on affiliated trainings
  • FAQ

    Not all questions can be found here. Don't hesitate to reach out to us directly.

    Tickets & Theme lunch


    On the event itself, please bring your ticket with you so that we can match it up with our records.


    Theme lunch

    When we get closer to the event, we will contact you to see if you are interested to join a theme lunch with us. We will organize different "theme" tables and this offers you a nice opportunity to meet some other attendees and to discuss your topic of interest.

    Code Of Conduct

    Dear Agile Amsterdam Community Member,


    All Agile Amsterdam community members are expected to comply with our Agile Amsterdam Code of Conduct:

    • The Agile Amsterdam community drives toward equality and inclusion of diversity representation, expertise and involvement. We value diverse idea representation to empower the Agile Amsterdam community and we believe everyone is better off when more ideas are shared.
    • In support of this mission, Agile Amsterdam 2019 wants to ensure a respectful, safe and inclusive environment for everyone. We do not tolerate harassing or disrespectful behavior, interactions, messages, or images, by any member, in any form.
    • We therefore encourage everyone to help in creating a welcoming and safe environment.

    If you notice any concerns, please contact the Agile Amsterdam event organizers and/or email to info@agileamsterdam.nl.


    Thank you!


    Leading up to the event, please note our following refund and cancellation Policy:

    • If you cancel before May 31 2019, you will be refunded your registration fee less a 10% administrative processing fee
    • If you cancel on or after June 01 2019, but before July 31 2019, you will be refunded 50% of your registration fee
    • If you cancel on or after August 01 2019 but before August 31, 2019, you will be refunded 25% of your registration fee
    • If you cancel on or after September 01 2019, you will not be eligible for a refund

    At all times you are able to transfer your registration to someone else. Please contact us so that we can maintain our files.


    The nearby hotels that we approached, claim that their best prices can be found via the larger hotel sites, such as:

    We therefore recommend to use these booking sites.

    Directions to Tobacco Theater

    Please follow Tobacco's webpage to obtain the most recent and accurate directions:




  • The team behind Agile Amsterdam

    Nils Oud @ Agile Amsterdam 2017 Conference

    Agile Leader. Agilist.

    From within my passion for Lean and Agility practices, I commit myself in nourishing and cultivating the Agile mindset. The email address of Nils is noud@incrementor.com.

    Jochen Krebs @ Agile Amsterdam 2017 Conference

    Joe Krebs

    Owner of Incrementor. Agilist. Speaker. Coach.

    Joe is a proud sponsor of Agile NYC. After 10 years of success in NYC, Joe decided to expand his global business to Amsterdam. To Europe. His roots. Go to Incrementor.com to learn all about Agile Transformation. Joe's email address is jkrebs@incrementor.com.

    Jochen Krebs @ Agile Amsterdam 2017 Conference

    One Team

    Incrementor International

    Incrementor has successfully specialized in Agile Transformations for the past 10 years. With head offices in New York and Amsterdam, Incrementor is able to serve clients globally.

  • Agile Amsterdam 2018

    Again the media was unanimous:


    'Congratulations for the organizer of the congress, Nils Oud (Agilist at Incrementor). As far as I am concerned, he has set up a 'boutique' conference: quirky, small-scale and of high quality. The well-organized and wonderful diverse group of invited guests from different countries managed to inspire each other thanks to the top speakers and the mutual contacts' - Saskia Aalberts, Frankwatching

    Video Impression

    A 2 minute inspiring video

    The short video gives a good impression of Agile Amsterdam 2018. And of course this is the quality and innovation that you can expect in 2019 as well.


    Follow this link to all media of Agile Amsterdam 2018.

    LinkedIn Testimonials

    A small selection of the many posts on LinkedIn

    Agile Amsterdam on Agility@Scale was really exciting! - Emil Verheijen (VodafoneZiggo)

    #Agile Amsterdam 2018 was awesome! - Valentijn Mees (Bosch)

    I learned a lot and also I had so much fun at Agile Amsterdam - Yolanda Reis Carrer

    I found it a very inspirational event. See you again next year! - Peter Stevens (Shell)

    Such a brilliant event. I think I need to this to my annual events calendar! - Cheryl Tansey

    Open Space

    We included an Open Space

    The Open Space was ideal for people to connect on a more intimate level. They share the same passion for a topic, real issues were discussed and connections are made for for life. At the same time we ran a series of talks parallel for those who did not want to participate in the Open Space.


    More fun and learning through gamification

    This year we added some gamification elements. A fun way to learn new things and to take away for use at your own company!

    Master Classes

    Deep enrichment

    The Master Classes were again very populair. Acquired knowledge and interest from the event are further deepened. The aim is always for the participants to take away stuff that can be applied in their own company. Value you can turn into practice!


    And again we donated more than 2500 Euro to charity funds!

    E.g. Britta Sluis donated to Stichting MORRIS, and Jurriaan Kamer to KWF kankerbestrijding. More donations can be found on the Community Page.

  • Agile Amsterdam 2017

    Agile Amsterdam truly nourishes and develops the Agile mindset.

    What did our audience say?

    We received a score of 4.5 out of 5! (150 respondents)

    'An inspiring event that I did not want to miss out on!' - Gamebasics
    'Great, provocative, learning and very agile event' - Renze J. Klamer
    'High-energy and inspiring event on a beautiful location, with great speakers and even better attendees' - Arthur von Kriegenbergh

    A selection of our 2017 speakers

    Jeff Sutherland, Niels Pflaeging, Jurgen Appelo, Spotify and more

    The theme was Agile Leadership. Our general consensus is that the companies are still run top-down with little agility, while the staff executing the work are really trying to work agile. This leads to contradictions.

    Links to photos and presentations

    Key notes, company presentations and photo's

    Follow this link to all media of Agile Amsterdam 2017

    Donations to charity

    We want to give back to our community

    We almost donated 3000 Euro to charity. A practice we will continue to follow over the next years.

  • Agile Amsterdam nourishes and cultivates the agile mindset

    So what do we do?

    Agile Events

    Every year we organize one major Agile event. Agile Amsterdam 2017 received a score of 4.5 on a scale of 5. We had Jeff Sutherland speaking and companies such as Spotify, Bol.com and ING. Agile Amsterdam 2018 received even better scores. Check out our video impression! And Agile Amsterdam 2019 is now set for September 25-27.

    Agile Services

    We organize in-house and on-demand Agile events, Master Classes and Certified trainings. We provide Coaching and Staffing, Private Consultations and Agile Transformation Services. Agile Amsterdam works in partnership with Incrementor; a global operating company with an homebase in New York and in Amsterdam.

    Agile Community

    We value to stay in touch with the Agile community. We regularly donate to charity. We organize virtual events, such as Round Tables and Lean Coffees. And we write blogs; our latest blog received over 2000 likes on LinkedIn! And we regularly publish newsletters in the realm of Agility. They are well received and we encourage you to sign up.

  • The Agile Community

    We value to stay in touch with the Agile Community.

    Therefore we organize Round Tables, Lean Coffees, Newsletters and more.

    And yes - we also care for the greater community. We make considerable donations.

    Lean Coffee | Agile in EDUCATION

    December 12, 2018 | 13:00

    Let’s take a strategic look: how do we prepare our next generation to flourish in the Agile company. It is about the school boards, the teachers and the students.

    Lean Coffee | Agile in FINANCE

    January 17, 2019 | 14:00

    What does the agile finance function look like? To serve an agile business, an agile finance function needs to develop and offer new skills. In addition to the traditional accountant’s skill set, critical thinking, relationship building, and understanding of the business model, advanced analytical skills are required. Let's explore Agility in the Finance function; discuss budgeting, ROI and much more.

    Lean Coffee | Agile in MARKETING

    February 14, 2019 | 14:00

    Agile, in the marketing context, means using data and analytics to continuously source promising opportunities or solutions to problems in real time, deploying tests quickly, evaluating the results, and rapidly iterating. At scale, a high-functioning agile marketing organization can run hundreds of campaigns simultaneously and multiple new ideas every week. Let's discuss!

    Lean Coffee | Agile in HR

    March 21, 2019 | 14:00

    Can HR Become Agile? After conducting 2 successful 'Agile in HR' lean coffee sessions, a third was requested. Continue with us in exploring Agility within the HR function. What are the different roles that HR may play within an organization?

  • The Blog

    Thoughts, musings, and ruminations.

  • We care about the world. We donate.

    Also participants working for Charity organizations receive special discount.

    Samples of our 2017 donations:

    • 500 USD - St Bernard Project for disaster relief (on behalf of Jeff Sutherland)
    • 175 Euro - Doctors Without Borders (on behalf of Bob Gower)
    • 175 Euro - The Red Cross (on behalf of Joakim Sunden)
    • 175 Euro - St. Jude Children's Research Hospital (on behalf of Joe Krebs)
    • 175 Euro - KWF kankerbestrijding (on behalf of Jurriaan Kamer)
    • 175 Euro - Dierenbescherming (on behalf of Kim Bosman)
    • 175 Euro - Wakker Dier (on behalf of Kim van Wilgen)
    • 175 Euro - Stichting Lichter (on behalf of Leonoor Koomen)
    • 175 Euro - Stichting ChunriChoupaal (on behalf of Menno Vis and Mary Gouseti)
    • 175 Euro - The Red Cross (St. Maarten) (on behalf of Rins Wijma)
    • 175 Euro - UNICEF Nederland ('Water voor scholen') (on behalf of Teun van der Vorm)
    • 175 Euro - Chennai India (on behalf of Maris Prabhakaran M)

    Samples of our 2018 donations:

    • 175 Euro - Amnesty (on behalf of Jeff Gothelf)
    • 175 Euro - De Prinses Maxima Centrum Foundation (on behalf of Daniel Gebler)
    • 175 Euro - The Hope Clinic (on behalf of Richard Sheridan)
    • 175 Euro - KWF kankerbestrijding (on behalf of Jurriaan Kamer)
    • 175 Euro - Mind Mental Health (on behalf of Kelly Waters)
    • 175 Euro - Save the children (on behalf of Giacomo Parato)
    • 175 Euro - Altzheimer stichting (on behalf of Diana Russo)
    • 175 Euro - Stichting Morris (on behalf of Britta Sluis)
    • 175 Euro - Stichting Heka Leka (on behalf of Djoro Loupatty)
    • 175 Euro - St Jude’s Hospital (on behalf of Khushpreet Kaur)
    • 175 Euro - Diabetes Fonds (on behalf of Nils Oud)
    • 175 Euro - World Bicycle Relief (on behalf of Maarten Lindenbergh)
    • And more
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