September 19, 2024 (Conference day)

  • Our 2024 theme: 'Evolving Excellence: Learning and Growth in Agile Teams'

    We see an explosive increase in Agile adoption across the functions of the organization, and across all industries [1][2].


    Why is that?

    What are our Experiences, Opportunities, Trends and Challenges?

    And what about the Agile Frameworks, Techniques and Tools?


    This lustrum year, you can hop on/off on 3 different tracks!

    Track 1 | Visionaries

    Visionairs, like Jurgen Appelo, Jurriaan Kamer, Marc Nieman, Dave West (and more), will share their vision of Agility for the upcoming years.

    Track 2 | Organizations

    Super exciting organizations, like Lightyear, the Dutch Police Force, Volvo, Rabobank, Bose (and more), will share their Agile journey and their next steps.

    Track 3 | Agile Kata (and how does Scrum fit in?)

    Could teams alternate between Scrum and the Agile Kata? The Agile Kata takes teams, functions, and organizations to higher levels of business agility. With speakers like Amanda Colliander and Joe Krebs

  • What our Happy Attendees say

    'It was so awesome. Being there felt like sharing your day with a large group of agile friends.

    Thanks a lot!'



    Leonoor Koomen, Lead Agile Enterprise Coach

    'A good mix of great inspiring and thought-provoking speakers, enthusiastic attendees at a top-location. Looking forward to Agile Amsterdam 2020!'


    Sander Veenis, Agile Coach

    'Super! It was really an inspiring event. Loved the location and mostly the passion and

    interaction with all the other participants.'



    Linda de Boer, Scrum Master

  • Why should you attend?


    Better than any formal training

    Get tomorrow's training from today's leading voices. Learn what Agility is all about!


    Connect with expert speakers and companies

    Agile adoption is accelerating. Learn what you can do differently. Learn and get inspired by others.


    Meet your peers and build connections

    Sharing experiences and building connections to last.


    Walk away with hands-on techniques

    In this conference we apply several techniques from the Liberating Structures. You can apply them immediately when returning to your organization.


    Good Cost/Benefit ratio

    This conference has proven to be good value for your money. For four years we receive 4.5 - 5 star ratings!


    And have some fun as well!

    Finally we can meet again in person. Get a drink and create new friends.

  • Who do we expect?

    We love to see anyone who has an interest in Agility.

    Join our conference to learn, share and connect with peers.

    • Executives,  directors, change managers, line managers, tribe leads, PMO leads
    • Developers, scrum masters, teachers, agile coaches, product owners, product managers
  • The 2022 Agenda

    Stay tuned as we fill in the slots for the three days ahead of us.

    Please note that on the conference day, we offer three tracks to pick and choose from!

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    Room UvA-3

    18:45 - 19:00 | Welcome words and Pre-Opening by chairperson

    19:00 - 19:45 | Jurgen Appelo (keynote Speaker)

    20:00 - 20:45 | The unFIX model by Jurgen Appelo (TALK/WORKSHOP)

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    Room UvA-3+4

    09:00 - 09:15 | Welcome words and Opening by chairperson

    09:15 - 10:00 | Jurriaan Kamer (keynote Speaker)



    Visionary Track

    (Room UvA-3+4):

    10:15 - 11:00 | Marc Nieman (keynote Speaker)

    11:15 - 12:00 | 'Future of Agility' (CEO Scrum.org - Dave West)


    Organization Track

    (Room Erasmus 2):

    10:15 - 11:00 | The Dutch Police Force

    11:15 - 12:00 | Lightyear (Michelle Siau)


    Organization Track

    (Room Sorbonne):

    10:15 - 11:00 | Bose (Mohamed Nawari)

    11:15 - 12:00 | Gerd Jan van Gils (and others tbd)


    LUNCH 12:15 - 13:00

    (room Erasmus 1)



    Agile Kata Track

    (room UvA 3+4):

    13:00 - 14:00 | Amanda Colliander (Kata @ Volvo)

    14:15 - 15:15 | Joe Krebs (Achieve Business Agility through the Agile Kata) (TALK/WORKSHOP)


    Visionary Track

    (Room Erasmus 2):

    13:00 - 14:00 | 'Business drawing for agile purposes' by Jeroen Blijsie & Josje van Beek (WORKSHOP)

    14:15 - 15:15 | 'Working with Obeya' by Tim Wiegel (WORKSHOP)


    Organization Track

    (room Sorbonne):

    13:00 - 14:00 | Rabobank by Marc Eelen

    14:15 - 15:15 | 'Help your team grow' by Saskia Aalberts (WORKSHOP)



    (Room UvA-3+4)

    15:30 - 17:00 | Open Space & Closing

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    Room UvA 3

    10:00 - 15:00 | Incl. lunch


    Agile Kata

    Invoke change in an agile way; not plan-driven. By Incrementor

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    The Conference Rooms

    And the link to how to get to the hotel: https://hotelcasa.nl/location/

  • The Speaker Abstracts

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    Jurgen Appelo

    Part 1: Challenge yourself, when Jurgen addresses the question: What comes after Management 3.0, SAFe, Holacracy, and the Spotify Model?


    Part 2: unFIX by Jurgen. What is unFIX? Is it a method? Is it a framework? It’s unFIX!

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    Jurriaan Kamer

    We’re stuck in agile bureaucracy... but there is hope.


    In this keynote, Jurriaan presents examples of organizations that operate beyond the traditional set of agile practices, and have been able to break down the bureaucratic hierarchy by adopting radical forms of consent, participation and self-management. Finally, Jurriaan provides hands-on ways to get started."

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    Marc Nieman

    Accelerating Agile: Breaking through corporate gravity. What we can learn from Nasa, Space x and Apollo 13.


    The Manifesto came of age this year, turning 21.
    Now it’s time to grow up and take Agile to the next level, truly changing well established corporate cultures and structures! At the same time, we wonder how to progress and succeed on a journey with lots of uncertainties and possibilities. Join this talk to hear from Marc how he believes we could enhance true Agility throughout the world of work using lessons learned from space exploration.

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    Dave West

    The future of Agility


    The last 2 ½ years has demonstrated the need for governments, organizations, teams and
    people to be more agile. COVID-19 and the associated economic, social and environment
    impact has turned many well-built plans into messy wish lists and impossible targets. Agile has
    become not just a competitive nice to have, but a foundational requirement for success. But
    what is this agile? Is this the same agile as Scrum defined 27+ years ago? Or is it some new agile
    that embraces everyone? In this talk Dave West, CEO of Scrum.org talks about the lessons we
    have learnt from Scrum and how they will provide a foundation to the future of work. He will
    discuss how Lean Startup, Design Thinking coupled with a people centric approach to
    organizational structure will, when aligned to the right customers and outcomes drive to a
    more agile and responsive organization.

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    Aswin van Veggel & Tim Wiegel

    Aswin van Veggel (Dutch Police) is Police Chief and Agile advocate at the Dutch Police and he will explain how the Agile movement started in the East Netherland Police Unit. He has been involved with many Agile initiatives and promoting ways of working like Scrum and Obeya to accelerate adoption and the benefits of working with these methods throughout the Dutch National Police.”

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    Willem van den Corput & Michelle Siau

    Want to know what duct tape and building cars have in common? Join Michelle as Agile transition coach for Engineering and Willem as the VP of Engineering for Lightyear, the company with the first production ready solar car, and find out what the way of working is and which challenges a fast growing company has.

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    Mohamed Nawari

    How do we balance & Align competing needs of Execs and Directors?


    ... And part of the answer is to be found through applying Lean Portfolio Management ....

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    Gerd Jan van Gils

    I did an agile transformation; now what?


    At the closure event of the ASML IT Agile Transformation, Gerd-Jan asked the question: What do we do now? The initial change is done. The buzz is gone and the drivers have other roles. How do you keep the spark of continuous improvement alive in a complex environment?

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    Jeroen Blijsie & Josje van Beek


    Business drawing is not just for fun! It is an essential tool to engage people more in team conversations and presentations. Whether it be in a sprint planning, standup or retro, having markers and large sheets of paper at hand is helpful. But how do you draw that one essential picture that captures the key message? In this workshop, Jeroen Blijsie and Josje van Beek take you by the hand with the essentials of drawing for business use.

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    Tim Wiegel

    Workshop - Working with Obeya


    The Obeya (Japanese for ‘big room’) is a physical or virtual space where visual management is used
    to align operational teams and leadership in their efforts to translate strategy into meaningful
    day-to-day work and results.

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    Amanda Colliander

    The Toyota Kata (@Volvo)

    How do you get to the elusive agile mindset and avoid fake agile? The lean community has brought forward Toyota Kata to address similar challenges within lean. In this session you'll be introduced to Toyota Kata and ideas for using Kata for Agile.

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    Joe Krebs

    The Agile Kata

    The Agile Kata is a practice that is built on proven patterns well known in the agile, lean and leadership communities. The Kata intends to provide a language for everyone seeking help with agile transformations, organizational improvement and product teams. If repeated often, the Agile Kata can take organizations to higher levels of business agility and turn them into hyper-performing companies that are transitioning from responding to change to leading change.

    Organizations applying the Agile Kata will notice individual and team empowerment, resulting in higher employee satisfaction and engagement which will in turn foster an agile culture.

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    Marc Eelen

    'It’s not that I know better but I do know it could be better.'


    My talk is about “The contradiction between Agile working and the rigid banking world.” Rabobank is in a transition. The road to being able to respond quickly to the demand of the customer and the environment has been started a long time ago and more and more parts of the bank are being sucked into this. The new way of working is called S@S, Simplify at Scale. What do you encounter if you have to work in this S@S way as part of the organization, what does that look like and what is the future?

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    Saskia Aalberts

    How to help your Agile Team grow - Analysis and the right interventions based on Tuckman's Stages of Development

    As Agile coach, Saskia notices that team development doesn’t happen by itself. Individuals are competent professionals, yet as a team they are ineffective: Every member does its own thing, communication lacks, there are forces at work… By recognizing this and doing effective interventions, the team effectiveness will grow. In this workshop you will experience this theory and then analyze the situation of your own team. So that you are able to help your team grow. As Scrum Master, Agile coach, manager, or simply member of your team.

  • Meet our Speakers, Trainers and other contributors

    Stay tuned as we more and more speakers, companies and trainers are added.

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    Jurgen Appelo

    Keynote speaker at Agile Amsterdam 2022

    Jurgen calls himself a creative networker. But sometimes he’s a writer, speaker, trainer, entrepreneur, illustrator, manager, blogger, reader, dreamer, leader, freethinker, or… Dutch guy. Inc.com has called him a Top 50 Leadership Expert and a Top 100 Leadership Speaker.

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    Jurriaan Kamer

    Organization designer & transformation at The Ready | Author 'Formula X' | Speaker​

    Jurriaan is the co-author of the book "Formula X: how to reach extreme acceleration in your organization". And articles including "Beyond Agile: why agile hasn't fixed your problems", "How to build your own Spotify model" and “How to make your organization as fast and agile as a Formula 1 team”.


    As a transformation coach at The Ready, he supports leaders who want to make their organizations 'complexity conscious' and 'people positive'.

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    Michelle Siau

    Agile transition coach Engineering, Lightyear

    As a professional coach and getting exceedingly better at giving high fives, Michelle has been in leading roles for agile transitions for 5 years and since November last year also at Lightyear.


    Michelle combines the human centered approach of systemic coaching and change management with the practical experience of multiple agile frameworks into making engineers at Lightyear happier and more efficient in their work.

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    Willem van den Corput

    VP of Engineering, Lightyear

    Holding a Six Sigma Green belt and maintaining an interest in the body language of leadership, Willem has been at Lightyear for 4.5years. He's currently based in The Netherlands and has experience in Germany, China and New Zealand. He has a 20+ year career, spanning the automotive and meditec sectors.


    With his experience in fleet management, engineering, purchasing and project management roles, he now combines all his knowledge as the Vice President of Engineering.

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    Jeroen Blijsie

    Leader in visual team facilitation. Author.

    Jeroen works with teams on forming visions and strategies, team collaboration and solving critical issues in a wide variety of settings. He loves facilitating real interaction, playful and with joy. As a business change expert, he uses visual tools to open up dialogues, connect ideas and stimulate people to share ideas for the future.


    He and his team also educate professionals in the field of (visual) facilitation. How can a vision be shared without a visual? Author of The World of Visual Facilitation and Hartelijk Gefaciliteerd! and founder of The Visual Connection.

    broken image

    Josje van Beek

    Agile transformation coach and visual facilitator

    Josje brings together two worlds: Agile and Communication. She has a degree in Communication science and is a certified Agile and Lean professional. Josje has worked for over 10 years in agile environments and uses business drawing to enable teams to work on IT solutions and innovation. She can teach you how to visually facilitate teams, how to create digital business drawings, and how to create communication campaigns for agile purposes.

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    Dave West

    CEO of Scrum.org

    Dave is passionate about the future of work and how to build organizations that unlock the potential for everyone in a complex world.


    A frequent keynote speaker and widely published author. His books include The Nexus Framework For Scaling Scrum and Head First Object-Oriented Analysis and Design.


    Prior to joining Scrum.org, he was

    Chief Product Officer at Tasktop where he was responsible for product management, engineering, and architecture.

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    Niels Rook

    Co-Founder of MBOScrum

    In his 24-year teaching career in secondary education and senior secondary vocational education, he has been continuously looking for ways to better motivate students to learn and how to better connect with what the student needs. He has discovered that with scrum it is possible to differentiate better.


    Niels has now helped several education teams to work with scrum in the agile mindset. His presentations are inspiring for teachers, training managers and school leaders.

    broken image

    Amanda Colliander

    Change Leader and Line Manager at Volvo Cars​

    Amanda Colliander has led Agile software product teams for many years and today works as Agile Change Leader at Volvo Cars. She has a focus on coaching leaders and teams often using Toyota Kata to enable continuous exploration and learning.

    broken image

    Joe Krebs

    Creator of the Agile Kata, and Agile Transformation Expert at Incrementor

    Use the Agile Kata for Agile Transformations and steer Improvements in your organization in an agile way. Learn about the Agile Kata, and get started with a proven patterns to create excellence.

    broken image

    Marc Nieman

    Agile coach at Wemanity and CX champion at Management 3.0

    Marc believes in the power of people; the ability to achieve amazing things through true collaboration! Unfortunately, too often that power is diminished or blocked by unsupportive corporate structures and cultures.


    As Agile and leadership coach Marc supports people to transform the way they organize and manage work, creating cultures and structures that support engaged employees to create value for companies, customers, and society.

    broken image

    Mohamed Nawari

    Product Owner at Bose Corporation

    Experienced Process/Product Manager with a strong focus on turning Business Strategy into Reality.



    broken image

    Marc Eelen

    Scrum Master, coach, mentor @ Rabobank

    'It’s not that I know better but I do know it could be better.'


    My talk is about “The contradiction between Agile working and the rigid banking world.” Rabobank is in a transition. The road to being able to respond quickly to the demand of the customer and the environment has been started a long time ago and more and more parts of the bank are being sucked into this. The new way of working is called S@S, Simplify at Scale. What do you encounter if you have to work in this S@S way as part of the organization, what does that look like and what is the future?

    broken image

    Saskia Aalberts

    Agile Transformation Coach | Team Facilitator

    Saskia is an Agile Transformation coach. She helps organizations build Agile organization models and clever ways of working, using elements of Scrum, Kanban, Lean, Agile portfolio or design thinking. As licensed facilitator, trainer and team coach she helps Agile teams grow and organizations evolve.

    broken image

    Tim Wiegel

    (talk with the Dutch Police Force)

    Obeya Coach, Trainer and Author (ObeyaCoaching.com)

    Tim is a full-time coach that consults and trains (senior) leadership teams and their coaches in the use of Obeya to lead their organization.


    In his book, ‘Leading with Obeya’ he developed a practical method on how to apply Obeya to lead the organization and bring strategy into practice. He is an advocate for applying this method to promote lean and agile ways of thinking and acting, not just on the work floor but particularly there where strategic decision-making takes place.

    broken image

    Aswin van Veggel

    Agile pionier bij de Politie

    Aswin is Police Chief and Agile advocate at the Dutch Police and he will explain how the Agile movement started in the East Netherland Police Unit.


    He has been involved with many Agile initiatives and promoting ways of working like Scrum and Obeya to accelerate adoption and the benefits of working with these methods throughout the Dutch National Police.

    broken image

    Gerd Jan van Gils

    Agile transformation coach @Wemanity. Podcaster for Coach-Labs.

    Gerd-Jan wants to help people & companies to get results - and changing the way they do their work is the biggest tool to do so. That should also contribute to the place they want to work.

    His backpack, filled with an IT background and working as Product Owner, helps him to take pragmatic stance in bringing this change into companies.

  • The Master Classes

    Each Master Class will come with a Certificate Of Attendance upon request.

    Stay tuned as we add more detailed descriptions to our 2022 Master Classes

    broken image

    Option 1 | Practicing Business Agility (SOLD OUT!)

    by Joe Krebs (or substitude certified trainer)

    For anyone who wants to learn and apply new, hands-on techniques.


    We expect Change Agents, from Scrum masters, Agile Coaches, Product Owners to Management and Leadership roles.


    Originating in martial arts, a Kata involves deliberate, repetitive practice to master a form. In business the pattern of a Kata is foundational for continuous improvement.


    By implementing Kata, an organization can build new habits and skills to shift a corporate culture. Those foundational Kata, or forms if you will, are called the Improvement Kata and Coaching Kata and have their roots in Toyota manufacturing.

    broken image

    Option 2 | The top 10 Product Ownership masteries.

    by Nils Oud (or substitude certified trainer)

    For anyone who is responsible to maximize the value for the customer and the company.


    We expect Product Owners, Product Managers and other product related stakeholders (like managers and executives.


    Learn what product ownership is all about. Ever heard of the three V's? Have you ever tried to map your stakeholders? And what about saying no. So many techniques and traits are out there. Let's zoom in on the top 10 masteries of the Product Owner.

    broken image

    Option 3 | Change! With the liberating structures

    by Tante Lean

    For anyone that wants to learn and apply new, hands-on techniques.


    We expect Scrum masters, Agile Coaches, Team members, Product Owners, and Leadership.


    When you feel included and engaged, do you do a better job? Do you think teams in which people work well together produce much better results? Have you noticed the best ideas often come from unexpected sources? Do you want to work at the top of your intelligence and give the same opportunity to others?


    If YES, we have found this is the kind of organization and community that people want to be part of. AND, Liberating Structures help make it happen.

    broken image

    Option 4 | Visual applications for agile purposes

    by Jeroen Blijsie and Josje van Beek

    Visual facilitation techniques foster real dialogue in teams and help focus on what matters. But how to do that?


    In this masterclass, Jeroen Blijsie and Josje van Beek will take you a step further than business drawing — applying versatile visual facilitation techniques that will help you support your team meetings with visual tools and techniques. You will learn how to visually facilitate and manage agile team dynamics at the same time. Since communication strategy is crucial you will also learn how to promote your agile (team) goals and working product by using digital drawings and digital communication means.

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    Incrementor has developed a true agile approach for an agile transformation: The Agile Kata. Several large, exciting brands are working with us on this new approach.

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    Tante Lean

    Tante Lean is a GOLD sponsor. Thank you!

    Tante Lean helps education to create more value in change, innovation, and invokes improvement. We do this from an Agile mindset. This creates unprecedented levels of productivity, quality, and commitment.

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    Making change your second nature. Wemanity designs and accelerates Agile, cultural and digital transformations to reveal the true potential of organisations and their employees. We're the European leader in transformations.

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    The ProductOwners.org platform connects the Product Owners / Product Managers, so that they can raise their profession to the next level. Expand your network, share and discover new approaches and techniques, and visit and learn from other companies.
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    Valueminds detacheert denkers en doeners in agile consultancy.

    We helpen organisaties met het maken van hun agile transitie. In alles wat we doen is steeds ons doel om waarde toe te voegen.

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    Helping People and Teams Solve Complex Problems

    Scrum.org, The Home of Scrum, is founded as a mission-based organization to help people and teams solve complex problems. We do this by enabling people to apply Professional Scrum through training courses, certifications and ongoing learning all based on a common set of competencies.

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