Agile Amsterdam nourishes and cultivates the agile mindset


    Focus of this year's edition:

    Agile Transformation within Education


    September 22 + 23 I Certified Trainings

    September 24 I Conference Day, Workshops and Open Space


    with Claire Boonstra, Carl Fikenscher, Monique Noya (tbc), Bart Lippens and Het Nieuwe Lyceum

  • Our Expertise in Action

  • Theme for 2020

    Agile Transformation within Education, and what can we learn from Agile in Business?


    As Agile Amsterdam nourishes and cultivates the agile mindset, we decided this year to focus on Agile in Education. Our mission is to further spread the agile mindset throughout the entire schooling system; when managing your school, for teachers to collaborate and for their students to adapt agile competencies and character skills.


    The Agile Manifesto and the Agile Scrum framework have been around for decades within business, and we believe that there are lessons to be learned from both sides.

    As such, Incrementor and Tante Lean decided to team up this year to realize this years' mission. Incrementor has fast experience with Agile Transformations within businesses, while Tante Lean is experienced with agile transformations in schools. Together they further developed Scrum in the Classroom, as there is no greater satisfaction than an all-inclusive school-wide agile transformation.

  • What our Happy Attendees say

    Agile Amsterdam takes people like you further

    'It was so awesome. Being there felt like sharing your day with a large group of agile friends.

    Thanks a lot!'



    Leonoor Koomen, Lead Agile Enterprise Coach

    'A good mix of great inspiring and thought-provoking speakers, enthusiastic attendees at a top-location. Looking forward to Agile Amsterdam 2020!'


    Sander Veenis, Agile Coach

    'Super! It was really an inspiring event. Loved the location and mostly the passion and

    interaction with all the other participants.'



    Linda de Boer, Scrum Master

    Read more about our previous events here

  • Six Reasons to Join us

    Better than any formal training. Get tomorrow's training from today's leading voices.

    Obtain a thorough understanding of the power of the agile mindset

    Walk away with hands-on techniques that you can apply immediately in your school

    Connect with expert speakers in the field of agility and educational visionaries.

    Massive learnings are shared from agile companies such as Booking.com or Shell

    Join a unique sense of community within the field of education

  • We are expecting anyone that wants to contribute to spreading the agile mindset amongst the school boards, the teachers, and their students. To name a few roles that we expect: teachers, school board members, educational developers, and anyone with an agile mindset within business, such as scrum masters and agile coaches.

  • Our Speakers and Trainers

    Stay tuned as we keep on adding speakers, companies, workshop facilitators and trainers

    Claire Boonstra

    When everything changes: back to the universally human

    Claire Boonstra, a former tech entrepreneur and an expert in the field of human development, leadership and education (including œ Operation Education) takes you on a quest for the universally human - in which we find important clues for how we can proceed.

    Carl Fikenscher

    Bestuurder 'in ruste' bij Zelfstandig

    Life is learning. Learning is growing. These are my motives in my work and my life. In connection with organizations and especially the people who form those organizations.


    The core of this is the development of personal leadership of everyone in the organization. In education, this means getting the best out of yourself in the service of the children entrusted to us.

    Personal mottos: "Trust is the basis" and "Humor lit".

    Nils Oud

    Agile Transformation Coach, Co-Owner of Incrementor

    We live nowadays in a fast-changing world. Consequently, attained knowledge outdates fast. Many of the jobs that exist today, will no longer exist tomorrow. And tomorrow will bring new jobs that we cannot even imagine today.


    It is therefore imminent that our education system should adapt. Next to traditional subjects, schools should pay more attention to developing future-based competencies and character qualities, such as creativity, collaboration, curiosity, and more.


    ‘Scrum in the classroom’ provides a solution for this. Nils has done an intervention study and wrote a thesis to scientifically support this claim. Learn about how Scrum can be applied in your classroom. Learn why teachers never want to go back to their old way of teaching; learn about how students enjoy obtaining control over their own way of learning.

    Het Nieuwe Lyceum

    Conny, Hellen en Maaike. Picture taken at the 'Science on stage' in portugal (albatross project)

    In this workshop we will set up within an hour the framework of a good agile project in which at least 400 students can participate at the same time. This project can then also really be carried out at school, where we will still be available for any tips or questions.


    In deze workshop gaan we aan de slag om binnen een uur het geraamte op te zetten van een goed agile project waaraan zeker 400 leerlingen tegelijkertijd kunnen deelnemen. Dit project kan hierna ook écht uitgevoerd worden op school, waarbij wij ook dan nog bereikbaar zullen zijn voor eventuele tips of vragen.

  • High-Level Agenda

    2 Rooms are permanently dedicated to:

    (1) Agile Transformation in your Schooling System / (2) Agile Transformation in your classroom

    September 22-23 | Tuesday & Wednesday

    Certified Trainings / Opleidingen (optional)



    Certified Agile Transformation Coach (C-ATC) by Incrementor



    Opleiding voor 'Agile-Coach in het Onderwijs (ACO 1)' by Tante Lean


    Opleiding voor 'Scrum in de Klas (SKL 1)' by Tante Lean

    September 24 | Thursday


    Conference, Workshops & Open Space


    09:00 - 10:00 | Keynote by Claire Boonstra


    10:15 - 11:00 Theater room | Carl Fikenscher

    10:15 - 11:00 Studio room | Panel 'Scrum in the Classroom' by Het Nieuwe Lyceum & Nils Oud


    11:15 - 12:00 Theater room | Workshop by Claire Boonstra11:15 - 12:00 Studio room | Workshop 'Scrum in the Classroom' by Tante Lean & Nils Oud

    12:00 - 13:00 | Lunch


    13:00 - 14:00 Theater room | Workshop 'Start an Agile Project for up to 400 students!' by Het Nieuwe Lyceum

    13:00 - 14:00 Studio room | Workshop 'Agile Transformation in Education' by Tante Lean


    14:15 - 14:45 Theater room | Bart Lippens & Martine Beijer (Waterland school)


    15:00 - 15:30 Theater room | Liberating Structures by Rory


    15:45 - 17:15 Theater room | OPEN SPACE 'Agile Transformation within the school'

  • Our Certified Trainings /

    Onze Gertificeerde Opleidingen

    In line with our 'Education & Business theme' for this year /

    Volgens ons thema van dit jaar waarin het bedrijfsleven en het onderwijs elkaar versterken

    Certified Agile Transformation Coach (C-ATC 1) - English

    by Joe Krebs & Nils Oud (English)

    Changing an eco-system like a company to an agile organization, is a complex endeavor. Using a prescriptive, plan-driven approach is not going to be successful. Why?


    First, in an agile transformation you can’t know the end-state and big upfront planning simply does not work. Secondly, to get large buy-in and support from everyone, the leadership team needs to lead by example. We want to show you a different, more agile approach.


    This Master Class includes a good balance of theory, plenty of exercises to take home and plenty of fun to keep you engaged throughout the Master Class!


    Learn more here


    Opleiding voor 'Agile-Coach in het Onderwijs (ACO 1)' - Nederlands

    by Tante Lean

    Opleiding Agile-coach in het onderwijs


    Ben jij een schoolleider, coördinator of intern begeleider? Heb jij managementtaken of begeleid je projecten in het onderwijs? Of wil je Agile werken écht in de vingers krijgen?




    Tijdens de tweedaagse Opleiding tot Agile-coach Level 1 van Tante Lean ga je intensief aan de slag met Agile en krijg je alle handvatten mee om direct in de praktijk aan de slag te kunnen gaan als Agile-coach.


    Alle opleidingen en trainingen van Tante Lean zijn CRKBO geregistreerd.


    Meer informatie hier

    Opleiding voor 'Scrum in de klas Leerkracht

    (SKL 1)' - Nederlands

    by Tante Lean

    Scrum in de klas:

    Met dezelfde resultaten meer leren (en met meer plezier!)


    Voor het onderwijs is het daarom van groot belang dat we aandacht gaan geven aan het ontwikkelen van een
    toekomstgerichte mindset. Werken volgens (met) Scrum biedt daartoe een oplossing. Tante Lean onderschrijft dit door middel van uitgevoerd empirisch en wetenschappelijk onderzoek.


    Wil jij verandering? Wil jij een totaal andere manier van lesgeven ervaren?



    Volg onze 2-daagse gecertificeerde opleiding ‘Scrum in de klas’ opgevolgd door gerichte, persoonlijke coaching in uw klas. Onze ervaren Tante Lean coaches staan voor u klaar om u in de klas te begeleiden.


    Alle opleidingen en trainingen van Tante Lean zijn CRKBO geregistreerd.


    Meer informatie hier

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    Be part of Agile Amsterdam 2020 and our community


    September 24

    Conference, workshops and Open Space

    € 495

    September 24

    Package Deal 

    Conference, workshops and Open Space, only when you additionally register for any of the affiliated Agile Amsterdam 2020 certified trainings

    € 345

    September 22-23

    Certified Agile Transformation Coach (C-ATC I)


    € 1.295

    September 22-23

    Agile-Coach in het Onderwijs (ACO 1)

    By Tante Lean

    € 795

    September 22-23

    Scrum in de klas (SKL 1)

    By Tante Lean

    € 575

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    Participants working for Charity organizations receive a special discount

    Samples of our 2017 donations:

    • 500 USD - St Bernard Project for disaster relief (on behalf of Jeff Sutherland)
    • 175 Euro - Doctors Without Borders (on behalf of Bob Gower)
    • 175 Euro - The Red Cross (on behalf of Joakim Sunden)
    • 175 Euro - St. Jude Children's Research Hospital (on behalf of Joe Krebs)
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