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    One Team

    Incrementor has successfully specialized in Agile Transformations for the past 10 years. With head offices in New York and Amsterdam, Incrementor serves clients globally.

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    Nils Oud

    Partner within Incrementor. Agilist. Speaker. Coach. Trainer.

    From within my passion for Lean and Agility practices, I commit myself in nourishing and cultivating the Agile mindset.

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    Joe Krebs

    Owner of Incrementor. Agilist. Speaker. Coach. Trainer.

    Joe is a proud sponsor of Agile NYC. After 10 years of success in NYC, Joe decided to expand his global business to Amsterdam. To Europe. His roots.

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    Djoro Loupatty

    Tante Lean

    When I was a teacher and manager in various educational organizations, I discovered that we have quite different standards for ourselves as teaching staff than for our pupils and students.


    We cooperate little or not at all, which means that after a few years we are stagnant in our development. The fun and inspiration in the work then diminish. We go out and can no longer inspire ourselves, each other, and our pupils and students. That is an eternal sin.


    I started to study how successful, sparkling, and inspiring organizations organize their work. That search brought me to the methods "lean" and "agile". At first, I thought it was hip and trendy, but it turns out decades-old and proven working organizational principles. I have been applying them to and with educational organizations for several years now. And it works here too. It sets teams in motion, gives focus, and converts plans into action. In short: it brings fun and success.


  • When like-minded people come together ...

    Tante Lean and Incrementor

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    Incrementor and Tante Lean started their partnership some years ago and this has now translated in a partnership, with a focus on spreading agility in the classroom.

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